[Xenomai] RTDM driver init: interrupts and context objects

andrija at stupar.com andrija at stupar.com
Sun Mar 19 19:08:05 CET 2017

Hi Phillipe,

I was under the impression that I cannot, since Cobalt is a feature of 
Xenomai 3.x, and I am using Xenomai 2.6.5, where chasing the mode 
switches is a bit more complicated, as explained on the page 

In any case, the causes of the mode switches that were troubling me were 
obvious, just buried in the code that I have been porting to Xenomai, 
and therefore took a while to find (doubtlessly using the debug flag 
would've been easier, but it did not take me weeks - this is not a 
project I work on full time).



On 2017-03-19 05:51, Philippe Gerum wrote:

> Actually, it does something wrong. You should always enable
> CONFIG_XENO_DEBUG_COBALT to detect those spurious call sites.

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