[Xenomai] Documentation for struct threadobj_stat on Alchemy

Philippe Gerum rpm at xenomai.org
Tue Mar 21 09:50:04 CET 2017

On 03/21/2017 02:22 AM, Giulio Moro wrote:
> In Alchemy RT_TASK_INFO has a member struct threadobj_stat which is undocumented (https://xenomai.org//documentation/xenomai-3/html/xeno3prm/structRT__TASK__INFO.html).
> Looking at the source of copperplate/threadobj.h (https://xenomai.org//documentation/xenomai-3/html/xeno3prm/threadobj_8h_source.html) , it turns out it has these members:
> struct threadobj_stat {
>  ticks_t xtime;

Total execution time in primary mode (ns)

>  ticks_t timeout;

Pending timeout (ns)

>  uint64_t msw;

Total count of mode switches (primary -> secondary)

>  uint64_t csw;

Total count of context switches

>  uint64_t xsc;

Total count of Cobalt system calls.

>  int cpu;

Current CPU.

>  int schedlock;

Scheduler lock depth count.

>  unsigned int status;

Internal status bits (from uapi/kernel/thread.h, state flags)

>  uint32_t pf;

Number of page faults in primary mode. Debug stuff, should be zero.


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