[Xenomai] --session= is not a recognized option when using Posix skin

Giulio Moro g.moro at qmul.ac.uk
Fri Oct 6 03:58:41 CEST 2017

On Xenomai 3.0.5, if I compile a program with the posix skin and I try to run it with `--session=mySessionName`, it errors as it cannot find the `--session` option. This is strange, because main() is definitely getting wrapped: if I run `--help`, it does show some Xenomai command-line options:
--main-prio=<prio>		main thread priority
--print-buffer-size=<bytes>	size of a print relay buffer (16k)
--print-buffer-count=<num>	number of print relay buffers (4)
--print-buffer-syncdelay=<ms>	max delay of output synchronization (100 ms)
--cpu-affinity=<cpu[,cpu]...>	set CPU affinity of threads
--[no-]sanity			disable/enable sanity checks
--verbose[=level] 		set verbosity to desired level [=1]
--silent, --quiet 		same as --verbose=0
--trace[=level] 		set tracing to desired level [=1]
--version			get version information
--dump-config			dump configuration settings
--help				display help

When I build a program with the Alchemy skin, then `--session` works just fine, and `--help` displays a number of additional options:
--alchemy-clock-resolution=<ns> tick value (default 1ns, tickless)
--mem-pool-size=<size[K|M|G]> 	size of the main heap
--no-registry			suppress object registration
--shared-registry		enable public access to registry
--registry-root=<path>		root path of registry
--session=<label>[/<group>]	enable shared session

I am linking with `/usr/xenomai/bin/xeno-config --ldflags --skin=posix`, which gives the following on my system (Beaglebone Black, kernel 4.4.87)
-Wl,--no-as-needed -Wl,@/usr/xenomai/lib/cobalt.wrappers -Wl,@/usr/xenomai/lib/modechk.wrappers  /usr/xenomai/lib/xenomai/bootstrap.o -Wl,--wrap=main -Wl,--dynamic-list=/usr/xenomai/lib/dynlist.ld -L/usr/xenomai/lib -lcobalt -lmodechk -lpthread -lrt


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