[Xenomai] xenomai 3 migration bitmask for calls

Marco Camurri marco.camurri at iit.it
Wed Oct 18 08:50:33 CEST 2017

Dear all,
I'm migrating a mission critical system based on the native skin of
Xenomai 2 to Xenomai 3.

I read from the migration guide that now this skin is called Alchemy,
therefore I did the modification in header includes and other things.

However, some bitmask variables some xenomai calls have been removed.
I would like to replicate the exact behavior I had on Xenomai 2
in the new system.
In particular, the calls I have in the previous system are:

1) rt_task_spawn(&servo_ptr, name, servo_stack_size, servo_priority,
                  T_FPU | T_JOINABLE | T_CPU(cpuID), motor_servo, NULL)

    T_FPU and T_CPU are removed, who do I make the new call?
    Just with T_JOINABLE?

2) rt_heap_create(&heap,name,(size_t)(elemNum*elemSize), H_SHARED)

    H_SHARED has been removed.
    The only options I have now are: H_FIFO, H_PRIO, H_SINGLE.
    What should I choose?

3) rt_timer_set_mode((RTIME) TM_ONESHOT)

    TM_ONESHOT does not exist anymore.  What should I set in the
    rt_set_mode function?
    The documentation only says to set 0 for no op, but it does not tell
    anything about the other options.

Thank you,

Marco Camurri
Post-Doctoral Researcher - Dynamic Legged Systems Lab
Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia - Advanced Robotics Department
via Morego 30, 16163 Genova (Italy)

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