[Xenomai] rt_task_set_affinity causes hang

Philippe Gerum rpm at xenomai.org
Sun Oct 29 18:20:50 CET 2017

On 10/05/2017 11:57 AM, Philippe Gerum wrote:
> On 10/04/2017 10:57 PM, Jackson Jones wrote:
>> I am running on an i.MX6 quad core. It is running Debian Jessie with an
>> NXP/Varscite kernel 4.1.15. So it is a 32bit ARM platform like the Pi.
>> What I meant by freeze is it hangs the entire OS/SoC, a hard reset is the
>> only way out. I will check the status of all the return codes (I did not
>> write this example but I should have cleaned it up when the problem was
>> tossed to me).
> Confirmed, I can badly break a couple of SoCs here using this test
> program, provided I run it twice. The first run passes, second time is
> always lethal. The Cobalt core seems to be doing silly things in this case.
> An additional bug also affects the interrupt pipeline for any release
> starting with kernel 4.4 onward actually hides the issue in Cobalt,
> making the affinity setting a nop, sort of.
> Ok, I'll follow up on this.

That one was pretty ugly, and affects all Xenomai releases, 2.x, 3.x,
all of them. Fixed in 3.x by this commit:


Thanks for the test code, that helped a lot.


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