[Xenomai] doc for xeno-config skins

Philippe Gerum rpm at xenomai.org
Thu Apr 5 15:25:40 CEST 2018

On 04/05/2018 01:39 PM, Giulio Moro wrote:
> Thanks and sorry for overlooking that. I thought if there was some docs on xeno-config it would have been inlined in its source, so that is where I looked for it. I guess the man folder should have been a more obvious choice.
> Is it correct that calling `xeno-config --skin cobalt` expects you to call, POSIX functions prefixed with `__wrap_` ? Does this mean that the *actual* "Cobalt POSIX interface" consists of __wrap_fn() calls as opposed to fn() calls?

__RT(fn()) and __COBALT(fn()) hide this ugly __wrap prefix inside an
ugly macro. __STD() keeps consistent with such ugliness for __real calls.

> If yes,  is this documented somewhere obvious?
 I kind of figured this out over time by reading
 and looking at the wrappers files and at the source code, but is it
stated clearly somewhere?

Of course not. Proper documentation hinders fruitful imagination.

> This is a place where I would have looked for that, for instance: http://www.xenomai.org/documentation/xenomai-3/html/xeno3prm/group__cobalt__api.html .

Makes sense, added to my todo list. This is part of a larger
documentation work.

> (incidentally, these two images (referenced by the xeno-config man page) are missing
> http://www.xenomai.org/documentation/xenomai-3/html/man1/asciidoc-icons/note.png
> http://www.xenomai.org/documentation/xenomai-3/html/man1/asciidoc-icons/caution.png
> )

Ok, thanks.


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