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> ** cmake_xenomai attempt **
> ---------------------
> I also tried to use the cmake_xenomai github project:
> git clone https://github.com/nolange/cmake_xenomai
> But when I check the patch:
> git apply --check
> /home/pi/cmake_xenomai/patchset/0001-add-an-flexible-bootstrap-
> template-header.patch
> I got these errors, so I didn't applied it:
> error: include/xenomai/Makefile.am: no such file or directory
> error: include/xenomai/init.h: no such file or directory
> error: lib/boilerplate/init/Makefile.am: no such file or directory
> error: lib/boilerplate/init/bootstrap.c: no such file or directory
> Evandro Sestrem

I did rebased that patchset on the latest stable branch, but you probably tried to apply it in the wrong directory?

You are supposed to
*) change to  the xenomai  sources directoy
*) apply those patches
    for p in PATH_TO/xeno_cmake/patchset/*; do git am $p; done
*) configure, build and install xenomai.

After that CMake support should be  either automatic (if you installed Xenomai in your root/sysroot),
or you can specifiy the location with 'cmake -DXenomai_DIR=<DIR>'.

An empty project is available here:


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