Fwd: Re: EAFNOSUPPORT despite kernel build in

Johannes Holtz johannes.holtz at compador.de
Wed Dec 5 10:32:53 CET 2018

Am 04.12.18 um 14:46 schrieb Jan Kiszka:
> On 04.12.18 12:04, Johannes Holtz via Xenomai wrote:
>> Hello,
>> When I request a socket with AF_RTIPC I get an EAFNOSUPPORT in return.
>> int sock = socket(AF_RTIPC, SOCK_DGRAM, IPCPROTO_IDDP);
> You likely didn't wrap this posix application to link against the 
> Xenomai libs, rather than normal libc. See manuals / wikis.
>> rtipc.h is included
>> #include <rtdm/rtipc.h>
>> I have build the support for RTIPC into the kernel (not a module) and
>> expected this to work more or less out of the box. Did I forget something
>> or must this feature be a module?
>> I have searched for a solution but haven't found anything.
>> Here information about the system:
>> virtual machine (VBox) with 1 CPU,  2.5GB RAM, 15GB disk
>> base kernel version is 3.18.20
>> xenomai  version is 2.6.5 (from the download page not from the git repo)
> Don't start anything new on 2.6 anymore, it's long retired.
>> using the included ipipe patch
>> xenomai-2.6.5/ksrc/arch/x86/patches/ipipe-core-3.18.20-x86-7.patch
> Same goes for such old kernels and patches.
>> the kernel config has the feature enabled
>> root at xeno:~/kernelbuild# grep RTIPC /boot/config-3.18.20
> Jan
Ok I understand you made two points here:

1. there might be a wrapper for these standard system calls thatneeds to 
be activated, presumably with the right xeno-config parameter

2. In general the 2,x Xenomai version shouldn't be used anymore.

Regarding 1:

After your answer I looked again if I had overlooked any wrappers or 
documentation but couldn't find any. The xeno-config man page was not 
helping either and I tried a multitude of different variations and look 
into what each skin switch does.

Maybe I have a general problem here. My code only compiles if I use 
--skin=native PLUS the -rtdm flag.

To elaborate: My application uses rt threads rt can devices and rt IPC. 
Perhaps you can point me to documentation where I can find out which LD 
flags I really need for this scenario.

Regarding 2:

The application I write is an upgrade of an existing Codebase which is 
bound to a certain Environment. Upgrading is not an option at this time.

However, I looked into the compatibility mode to run my 2.x application 
on a Xenomai 3.x but had no success getting it to compile correctly. If 
there is a document where you can point me to resolve this would also be 


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