ipipe-arm64 kernel issue

Steve Pavao stevep at korgrd.com
Thu Dec 13 13:50:12 CET 2018

> On Dec 12, 2018, at 5:21 AM, Philippe Gerum <rpm at xenomai.org> wrote:
> On 12/11/18 10:25 PM, Steve Pavao via Xenomai wrote:
>> I have 2 different, basic apps that oops in a very similar way on ipipe-arm64 running on R Pi 3B.  One of them is rpm, another is my own program.
>> Here is the partial backtrace for the ‘rpm’ oops.  The backtrace for my other program is almost identical.  (I’ve left out interim calls to keep this email concise.)
>> [  124.816179] [<ffffff8008260480>] __find_get_block+0x2a0/0x400
>> ...
>> [  124.816311] [<ffffff8008778b88>] do_page_fault+0x268/0x4e0
>> [  124.816320] [<ffffff8008778e6c>] do_translation_fault+0x6c/0x7c
>> [  124.816330] [<ffffff80080814ec>] do_mem_abort+0x54/0xc8
>> The BUG finally occurs at line 1279 of buffer.c:
>> static inline void check_irqs_on(void)
>> {
>> #ifdef irqs_disabled
>> 	BUG_ON(irqs_disabled());   //  <———— here
>> #endif
>> }
>> The above BUG happens during the page fault recovery process.  (FYI, some of the calls between do_page_fault_and __find_get_block are ext4 calls.)
>> In both apps, the oops happens around the time of file creation on the SD card:  For rpm, it is during an install of a valid rpm package, for the other app, it occurs at the time a sqlite database is opened.  This is basic stuff that should just work.
>> I am looking for ideas about what could be wrong with the setup/configuration of my ipipe-arm64 system, such that some apps that read/write to the SD card are oopsing this way when doing page fault recovery.
> This is a bug in the I-pipe layer. Assuming you are still running kernel
> 4.9, please try 4.14 from [1], it fixes several issues which still exist
> in the 4.9 pipeline.
> [1] https://gitlab.denx.de/Xenomai/ipipe-arm64/commits/stable/4.14.71-arm64 <https://gitlab.denx.de/Xenomai/ipipe-arm64/commits/stable/4.14.71-arm64>
> -- 
> Philippe.

Thank you very much!  That code does fix the kernel oops problem.

As I continue to bring up my app, I notice I’m having a segfault (SIGSEGV) trying to access the general purpose IO pins.

I notice that /dev/gpiomem is missing from the environment.

Would this be due to an out-of-date or too lean dtb file for the Pi 3B, or might it not be available for some other reason?

I am using the dtb from the ipipe-arm64 build.

Steve Pavao
Korg R&D

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