Cobalt Preemption of kernel update_fast_timekeeper can cause deadlocks

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Fri Dec 21 14:31:13 CET 2018

> >>
> >> If you are calling into an "unknown" non-RT blob, dropping from RT
> >> may actually be required. We do not promote explicit mode switches
> >> because they are not needed if you control (wrap) all your code. This
> >> might be  an exception.
> >
> > The non-RT "blob" is the regular linux rootfs in my case, ie.
> > libstdc++ and I plan to use libnttg-ust and stuff like xml parsers.
> That's all fine - as long as you are not in RT context.

To make sure I am not in RT Context needs alot knowledge of callstacks.
Easy to do if you create the code from scratch, not so easy if you are porting.

> Actually, if you use a SCHED_WEAK thread for calling into both RT and non-
> RT, you will not have to do the explicit switching because those threads fall
> back to non-RT as soon as they have no RT business (lock ownership or
> blocking) anymore, and then you are safe.

Thanks for clearing up another misunderstanding.

> >>
> >>
> >> Irrespective of that, I would definitely be interested in a
> >> LD_PRELOAD-based checker that you can attach to an application
> >> easily, without the need to switch to link-time wrapping (which is not
> needed with non-posix skins).
> >
> > If you don’t know lttng-ust, you could spend a hour or two playing
> > with it, Eg you can interpose and trace any malloc/free by just preloading
> the wrapper:
> > LD_PRELOAD=liblttng-ust-libc-wrapper your_app
> >
> > This could help with non-posix skins mixing with dangerous other functions
> aswell.
> It takes more than that if you look at how we decide whether to raise an
> alarm or not (context detection, warning flag evaluation, signal raising). lttng-
> ust can be a nice tracing tool, but for a runtime equivalent to --mode-check, I
> would rather set up a tool that behaves like the link-time version.

It does not take a lot, I had a stab at writing a preload checker for clock_gettime that bugged me a long time (most time was spent figuring out I have to enable PTHREAD_WARNSW for anything to happen).
Most function could be done similarly. Malloc/free are tricky as the dl loading might call those functions,
Packages like lttng already solved those issues, which was the point I was trying to make.

With such checkers you can find issues related to external DSOs, something the linker tricks won't be able to.


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