[Xenomai] CONFIG_MAXSMP prevents booting

Petr Červenka grugh at centrum.cz
Mon Jul 23 10:05:37 CEST 2018

I have tried newest Kubuntu 18.04 LTS with Xenomai 3.0.7 (cobalt) and 4.9.90 kernel (with appropriate ipipe patch).
I was not able too boot the new patched kernel and the solution took me many hours of searching and trials and errors. Finally I found a message from Antoine Hoarau (my thanks) about the CONFIG_MAXSMP in the mailing list. It was enabled in the default configuration of Kubuntu 18.04. Once I disabled it, everything was fine.
Please, can you make some notice about it, for example in the Troubleshooting wiki of the Xenomai? I would speed up the finding of the solution greatly.
Thanks in advance.
Petr Cervenka

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