[Xenomai] System Lockup while idle

Jackson Jones jackson.jones at gmail.com
Mon Jul 30 21:05:54 CEST 2018

We have an app running Xenomai 3.0.7 on an i.MX6 quad-core processor.  We
are using processor affinity to have different tasks bound to different

When the app runs on the target and is idle it will freeze the entire
system after about 8 hours. If we enable these options it no longer locks
up and runs for days.


If we run without using processor affinity (all RT tasks will be on the
same core),  the system will not lock up either.

We are passing in xenomai.supported_cpus=0x0000000f on the command line. I
noticed the irq-affinity test program assumes at least one non-real time
cpu. Could having all 4 cores in the RT set be causing the lockups? Should
we leave one core out of the RT group?


Jackson Jones

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