[Xenomai] Shared memory between RT and NRT tasks (Posix Skin)

Virendra Kate virendrakate at gmail.com
Thu May 3 19:49:33 CEST 2018


I am trying to create a shared memory between a RT (Cobalt) and a NRT
(Linux) task. I went through the " A Tour of the Native API " document
which pointed me towards the alchemy (previously "native") API.

Currently we are using the Posix skin as it has better performance. This
that the typical posix share memory API was available for Xenoami Cobalt in
version 2.4.

Since the shared memory section is missing in the Xenomai 3 documentation
and I couldn't find the --wrap shm_open() etc. flags in the
"cobalt.wrappers" file I was wondering if this functionality is supported
in Xenomai 3 Posix skin.

At this point I am avoiding the use of message queues.

Any help is appreciated.

Virendra Kate

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