[Xenomai] porting Linux POSIX app to Xenomai

Шевченко Тарас Григорьевич shevchenko.taras at triolcorp.com.ua
Tue May 8 12:03:58 CEST 2018

Good day! 
I ve read https://xenomai.org//2014/08/porting-a-linux-application-to-xenomai-dual-kernel/ 
but some details are still on 
Please tell me some nuances 

1) is it true the same POSIX-code will generate Xenomai rt-task with options below 
CFLAGS := $(shell $(XENO_CONFIG) —skin=posix —cflags) 
LDFLAGS := $(shell $(XENO_CONFIG) —skin=posix —ldflags) 
and default Linux -task without options ? 

2) Xenomai create wrappers (include/cobalt/wrappers.h) for some system call Linux/POSIX: 
Does it mean: all of this (man -s2) POSIX-functions safely use from real-time points of view ? 

3) Xenomai task that not doing system call (calculation task , for example), not be interrupted by Linux ? 

4) No imlementing system call POSIX library functions (man s3 section strcpy(), strcmp(), sprintf(), atoi(), sqrt(), sin() etc) can be safely use from real-time points of view ? 

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