Differences of Roundtrip time, latency between Xenomai 2 and Xenomai 3

danwe daniel.wenninger92 at gmail.com
Fri Aug 16 10:17:58 CEST 2019


I have made a comparison for Roundtrip time between Xenomai 2 / RTnet,
Xenomai 3 and Debian distribution. I would like to ask you some specific
questions as I am not sure.

1. I have read that Xenomai does work on Linux and the Interrupt Pipeline
does know which message is for real-time (Xenomai) and which not (Debian).
As I am copy Xenomai on a SD-Card am I just using real-time messages or is
it also possible to use non-real-time messages? Does Xenomai need Debian
distribution or can it work by itself?

2. I have seen some big difference in jitter between Xenomai 2 / RTnet and
Xenomai 3 without RTnet while testing the latency. Xenomai 3 does have a
much smaller jitter than Xenomai 2 / RTnet. Can you tell me where exactly
the difference come from?

3. I have also seen that the Roundtrip time for Xenomai 3 is twice the size
of Xenomai 2 / RTnet. So my question is: I thought that RTnet ist just for
synchronization and TDMA. Does RTnet also make it "more" real-time than
Xenomai 3 itself?

Kind regards


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