Access to Mini-USB-port on BeagleBone Black

danwe daniel.wenninger92 at
Sun Aug 18 21:19:35 CEST 2019

Okay thanks.
I am not using Xenomai 3 because for BeagleBone Black there is no Driver
for using Xenomai 3 *and *RTnet.

Am So., 18. Aug. 2019 um 16:44 Uhr schrieb Giulio Moro <g.moro at>:

> danwe wrote:
> > I'm sorry I forgot to say that I was using Xenomai 2 with RTnet on top.
> I think RTnet is the problem isn't it? What exactly does RTnet to stop
> using mini usb port?
> >
> > Kind regards
> >
> > Daniel
> You surely cannot use RTnet on that port, if that is what you are asking,
> because that uses the Linux usb gadget driver. If the question is why you
> cannot use the mini USB port while using RTnet on the ethernet port, I am
> not sure what the answer is, as I have never used RTnet. Again, I'd look at
> what features are enabled in your kernel and whether the drivers that are
> supposed to handle that are loaded, and check the system log. Basically,
> the instructions I gave earlier  will still apply if you have a half recent
> kernel (they are from 4.4). Maybe someone else on the list will have more
> insights on the specifics of RTNet, but you'd have to make a clearer
> question, providing your kernel and Xenomai version, and also go through
> the checklist I mentioned earlier. You need to understand that Xenomai 2 is
> no longer supported, so you'd really have to make it easy for people to
> help you. Also, why are you not using Xenomai 3?
> Giulio

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