Comparison of Roundtrip time between Xenomai 3 and Debian

danwe daniel.wenninger92 at
Sun Aug 18 21:25:26 CEST 2019


I am wondering what exactly makes the difference for the Roundtrip time
between using Xenomai 3  and Debian as I have the same Kernel 4.9 on Debian
and on Xenomai 3 for the non-real-time part? I mean the cobalt kernel is
just for real-time messages and I am only using the cobalt kernel when e.g.
using RTnet right? If I just install Xenomai 3 and make some normal pings
from one microcomputer to another it will use the normal linux kernel
right? So why are there still differences between Xenomai 3 and Debian?

Kind regards


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