RTNet - vnic0 question

Laurentiu-Cristian Duca laurentiu.duca at gmail.com
Wed Aug 21 16:20:39 CEST 2019

Hello rtnet community,

  I successfully tested the examples rtt-sender and rtt-responder
within a rtnet made from one beaglebone black and one qemu-x86_64-8139too,
with tdma and also with nomac.

  I have noted that the presence of vnic0 as an up and fully
configured interface is mandatory,
even if rteth0 is up and fully configured.
Otherwise the rtt-sender announces "sendto failed: Network is unreachable".
Could anybody tell me why is this happening?

  I have also noted that if I disable vnic0 (ifconfig vnic0 down),
rtping works if rteth0 is up and fully configured.
Why does not work rtt-sender in this case?
Could it be a problem with rtnet drivers?

Thank you and best regards,
L-C. Duca

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