xenomai-3.0.5 include path

demon.han at aliyun.com demon.han at aliyun.com
Fri Feb 22 03:54:33 CET 2019

I am working on xenomai3.0.5 with Eherlab Ethercat.
Here I got a problem.
After installing xenomai,I got 2 include directory:
1. /usr/include/xenomai
I find rtdm_driver.h in /usr/include/xenomai but out /usr/xenomai/include.
This cause a problem,I think:
when I compile Etherlab,I got error as"/master/rtdm.c:37:30: fatal error: rtdm/rtdm_driver.h: No such file or directory",
so I copy the header to /usr/xenomai/include/rtdm,and the error is fixed.
Is there another way to fix the problem?
Best Wishes.

demon.han at aliyun.com

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