‘SCHED_NORMAL’ not provided by Xenomai headers

Giulio Moro g.moro at qmul.ac.uk
Sat Jan 12 21:08:29 CET 2019

The docs for sched_setscheduler_ex() [1] and pthread_setscheparam_ex()[2]  claim that among the valid values for policy there is  "SCHED_NORMAL"

however, SCHED_NORMAL is not provided by any of the Xenomai headers, so you get a compile-time error.

[1] https://xenomai.org/documentation/xenomai-3/html/xeno3prm/group__cobalt__api__scheduler.html#ga796071f20fd35a5e05972157745728af
[2] https://xenomai.org/documentation/xenomai-3/html/xeno3prm/group__cobalt__api__sched.html#ga405020019f5df8c7e74d30fd457384ed

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