How to close orphan FDs

Johannes Holtz johannes.holtz at
Mon Jan 14 11:37:55 CET 2019

Am 13.01.19 um 05:08 schrieb Jan Kiszka:
 > On 11.01.19 22:55, Johannes Holtz via Xenomai wrote:
 >> Hi,
 >> I managed to leave some labeled XDDP and IDDP FDs  open after a 
 >> Even though the process is killed the resources/FDs are not freed. 
Is there a
 >> way to close them or do I have to restart the box?
 > Could you describe in more details - or even with a small test 
program - how you created the resources that then leaked?
 > Conceptually, everything should be cleaned up automatically when the 
last owner of a resource vanished.
 > Jan

My project has several different modules. Module 'A' is a non-rt Thread 
handles all the communication with the rt-modules. In turn I have a 
module 'B', which is connected to A via XDDP.

B <--XDDP--> A

B creates a socket (rt_dev_socket) sets label and poolsz 
and binds (rt_dev_bind) it subsequently.

A opens (open) the file counterpart from 
when it is needed. It's guaranteed that A opens later then B binds the 

B needs to do some CAN communication so there are another two rt-threads 
and 'D' which are connected to B via IDDP.

C <-- IDDP --> B <-- XDDP --> A

D <-- IDDP --> B

C and D each open a socket and set label and poolsz before binding. B
afterwards creates it's socket the same way but instead of binding it 

When the project experiences a segfault and the threads and sockets are not
orderly closed the /proc/xenoai/registry/rtipc/iddp and .../xddp still 
show my

Additional info after segfault:

#cat /proc/xenomai/registry/usage

# cat /proc/xenomai/rtdm/open_fildes
Index    Locked    Device                Owner [PID]
0    1    rtcan                           <kernel> [-1]
1    1    rtipc                           <kernel> [-1]
2    1    rtipc                           <kernel> [-1]
3    1    rtipc                           <kernel> [-1]
4    1    rtipc                           <kernel> [-1]
5    1    rtipc                           <kernel> [-1]

I still think I overlooked something but as you said the resources 
should be
freed automatically anyway.

Xenomai 2.6

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