[PATCH 00/12] Assorted updates: RTnet, GPIO, smokey tests

Philippe Gerum rpm at xenomai.org
Thu Jan 24 16:34:16 CET 2019

Patch 1 addresses the issue in the posix_clock fix as discussed in
[1]. Patch 6 works around a recent regression in RTnet as mentioned in
[2] (tested with the IGB driver which implements a map_rtskb
handler). Both commits are also -stable candidates.

A couple of other changes extend the GPIO support with a timestamping
feature, so that we may ask for the date of the latest state change of
an input pin when reported by an interrupt event.

The rest is RTnet-related. In addition to patch 6, I would recommend
picking 7 and 8 for -stable.

[1] https://www.xenomai.org/pipermail/xenomai/2019-January/040225.html
[2] https://www.xenomai.org/pipermail/xenomai/2019-January/040230.html

Philippe Gerum (12):
  testsuite/smokey: posix_clock: prevent false positive in
    time-dependent test
  drivers/gpio: provide optional timestamped readouts
  testsuite/gpiotest: enable timestamping on 'timestamp' argument
  net/stack: allow initializing pre-allocated device structs
  net/stack: fresh rtskb should have ip_summed set to CHECKSUM_NONE
  net/rtdev: ensure per-device skbs get mapped at registration
  net/udp: getfrag: fix frag preparation status
  net/udp: getfrag: remove direct reference to user memory
  testsuite/smokey: net: do not unload pre-loaded modules
  testsuite/smokey: net: do not down a previously running test interface
  net/stack: rtskb: do not run nop locking calls
  testsuite/smokey: net_client: improve stats readability

 include/cobalt/kernel/rtdm/gpio.h          |   1 +
 include/rtdm/uapi/gpio.h                   |  18 ++-
 kernel/drivers/gpio/gpio-core.c            |  54 +++++--
 kernel/drivers/net/stack/include/rtdev.h   |   9 ++
 kernel/drivers/net/stack/ipv4/udp/udp.c    |  21 +--
 kernel/drivers/net/stack/rtdev.c           | 167 ++++++++++++++-------
 kernel/drivers/net/stack/rtskb.c           |  26 +---
 testsuite/gpiotest/gpiotest.c              |  37 ++++-
 testsuite/smokey/net_common/client.c       |  26 ++--
 testsuite/smokey/net_common/setup.c        | 108 ++++++++++---
 testsuite/smokey/posix-clock/posix-clock.c |   2 +-
 11 files changed, 325 insertions(+), 144 deletions(-)


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