bad syscall <0x15b> on x86_64

Jan Kiszka jan.kiszka at
Wed Jan 30 08:34:36 CET 2019

On 29.01.19 23:14, Richard Weinberger via Xenomai wrote:
> Hi!
> When running a ia32 application on x86_64 I get bad syscall errors.
> This happens with ipipe-core-4.14.89-x86-2.patch and xenomai 3.0.8.
> The problem seems to be that both ipipe_handle_syscall() and
> handle_head_syscall()
> check for syscall-nr being >= NR_syscalls.
> On ia32 the syscall table is larger and therefore the check is wrong.

Hmm, the kernel's tracer also only checks for NR_syscalls. Strange.

> So the code has to check the TS_COMPAT flag and then compare either to
> NR_syscalls or IA32_NR_syscalls.
> I gave this already a short try and things seem to work better.

There are more places where we check for NR_syscalls, some in ipipe itself. 
Problem is that IA32_NR_syscalls is, well, IA32-specific while we are testing in 
generic code. We need to abstract that first, in ipipe. Then we can fix also 

Philippe, any better idea?


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