crash on accessing /proc/xenomai/sched/Â

Lowell Gilbert kludge at
Wed Jan 30 20:34:43 CET 2019

Jan Kiszka <jan.kiszka at> writes:

> On 29.01.19 22:06, Lowell Gilbert via Xenomai wrote:
>> I was trying to update to 3.0.8, and looking at stat or acct in the
>> sched branch of the proc tree gives me an instant kernel crash, usually
>> with a null pointer access from a bogus code address, although the
>> locations aren't always the same. This is without even having my kernel
>> module or application loaded.
>> The system is a dual-core Cortex-A9.
> Does this patch happen to help?

No. I didn't expect it to: I only hook interrupts with rtdm_irq_request() 

> Otherwise: Is your I-pipe patch from upstream or self-developed. I
> suspect the latter as your kernel claims to be LTSI-based.

I'm just using the  ipipe-core-4.14.71-arm-4.patch, with a couple of
very minor changes related to handling ARM errata. I compared the
original source tree to the official linux-4.14.71 release, and the
differences were minor. I can't seem to reproduce that now, though, so I
applied the official patch against the official linux-4.14.71 tree, and
still see the same panics. I'm going to try that again to make sure I'm
not crazy.

Be well.

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