Regarding "hwmatch" error

Per Oberg pero at
Thu Apr 16 09:37:47 CEST 2020

---- Den 16 apr 2020, på kl 6:18, xenomai xenomai at skrev:

> Hi,

> I have used xenomai - 3.0.5 to patch linux-4.9.38 on ubuntu 18.04. I have
> completed the building process without any errors. When I rebooted to the
> builded OS, I am facing some errors as follows:

> error : can't find command 'hwmatch'

This looks like it's output from GRUB, i.e. before your new kernel is even loaded. How did you go about putting your new kernel in your grub config?
(Are you using EFI boot or legacy?)

> Loading Linux 4.9.38

> Loading Initial ramdisk

> because of this error I cannot proceed further. Kindly look into this error
> and help me to resolve this issue.

> Thanks and regards

> Abhin Philip P

Per Öberg 

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