Regarding "hwmatch" error

Per Oberg pero at
Thu Apr 16 09:42:00 CEST 2020

----- Den 16 apr 2020, på kl 9:37, Per Öberg pero at skrev:

> ---- Den 16 apr 2020, på kl 6:18, xenomai xenomai at skrev:

> > Hi,

> > I have used xenomai - 3.0.5 to patch linux-4.9.38 on ubuntu 18.04. I have
> > completed the building process without any errors. When I rebooted to the
> > builded OS, I am facing some errors as follows:

> > error : can't find command 'hwmatch'

Have a look at the first anser to this:

Maybe that will help you. However, because it's also loading the initial ramdik I suspect that there are further errors down the road. Where does it stop ?

> This looks like it's output from GRUB, i.e. before your new kernel is even
> loaded. How did you go about putting your new kernel in your grub config?
> (Are you using EFI boot or legacy?)

> > Loading Linux 4.9.38

> > Loading Initial ramdisk

> > because of this error I cannot proceed further. Kindly look into this error
> > and help me to resolve this issue.

> > Thanks and regards

> > Abhin Philip P

> Per Öberg

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