ERR MSG: called regular read() on /dev/rtdm/fake_dev

孙世龙 sunshilong369 at
Thu Apr 16 10:57:42 CEST 2020

       I got the error message listed below when I called read operation to
an opened rtdm file handle in main function.
       I have implemented the rt read operation in my rtdm driver allready.
       I think the main thread is allready turned into xenomai thread
because I have called rt_shadow_task function before the reading opreation.
       I wonder why this error message occurs.

       Error message from kernel.
       [155453.637967] [Xenomai] task at 1[42395][42395] called regular read()
on /dev/rtdm/fake_dev.
       Look forward to hearing from you.
      Thanks a lot.

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