RTNet and setsockopt

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> Hello Per,

> setsockopt is supported by rtnet (and wrapped with the POSIX skin). That said,
> it supports very little options you are used from Linux. Do a grep -r on
> xenomais sources.
> Xenomai mostly uses ioctls for bringing up Interfaces, etc.

> There are subtile differences and limitations aswell. I am pretty sure now that
> most operations
> are behaving like you have an nonblocking filedescriptor / socket. The RT focus
> means that there
> typically is just a check if buffers are available, and no effort is made for
> waiting.
> So select will be your best friend.
> (I am just using packet sockets, but I believe it’s the same for all of them).

Thanks, I readded the list again. The reason I started looking into this is that I had issues with blocking sends. I wanted to see what happened if I pulled the plug on the ethernet and tried to recover afterwards. 

Digging around a bit is seems like I might actually have a compiler flag issue (again...). I tried compiling my network code as a shared library.

> Norbert Lange

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> > Dear list

> > I am "porting" a posix application using raw network packages to RTNet. The
> > old code is trying to use setsockopt and ioctl. The calls I am trying to use are

> > setsockopt:

>> These return "No such device". I guess that this is because setsockopt is not
> > rt-
> > compatible, correct ? ( There seem to be no corresponding rt_setsockopt... )

> > ioctl :

> > These return "Operation not supported".

> > My code works fairly well as it is, and I probably do not need SO_DONTROUTE,
> > IFF_PROMISC, and IFF_BROADCAST with rtnet. I would, however, like to have
> > SO_RCVTIMEO, SO_SNDTIMEO or nonblock. Do I need to use O_NONBLOCK
> > together with send() instead or am I missing something ?

> > Best Regards
> > Per Öberg

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