Regarding Xenomai patch installation on Live USB

Meng, Fino fino.meng at
Mon Apr 20 07:27:44 CEST 2020

>Dear team members,
>I tried installing the Xenomai patch on live USB loaded with Ubuntu 18.04.
>I have patched kernel version 4.9.38 and tried to boot the Xenomai patched one. When I try to boot my motherboard it is
>unable to boot. Can I install the Xenomai patch on Live USB? What is causing this problem?
>--best regards,
>R Gopi Krishna,

Maybe due to 4.9.* is too far away from Ubuntu 1804's original kernel; 
We make this repo for convenience, Kernel version is 4.19.59 with some Intel BSP patches. 
working good on Ubuntu 1804; but didn't make it on Live USB yet,

BR / Fino (孟祥夫)
Intel – IOTG Developer Enabling

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