Error on running xeno-test

Jona Ostermann Jona.Ostermann at
Wed Apr 22 11:26:57 CEST 2020


I am currenty testing my Xenomai Cobalt v3.1 installation on Debian 9 with kernel version 4.9.146.

When running xeno-test, I get the following output:

++ echo 0
++ testdir=/usr/xenomai/bin
++ /usr/xenomai/bin/smokey --run random_alloc_rounds=64 pattern_check_rounds=64
arith OK
bufp OK
cpu_affinity skipped (no kernel support)
fpu_stress OK
FAILURE handle_sigchld:78: gdb execution returned 3 instead of 0 - No such proce                                      ss
child 880 returned: exited with status 1

what could cause this error?

Best regards

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