AW: Error on running xeno-test

Jona Ostermann Jona.Ostermann at
Thu Apr 23 11:28:38 CEST 2020

Hello Jan,

thanks again, installing gdb solved this issue.

If I understand the help text of the xeno-test command correctly, I suppose it starts a series of tests and at the end it starts a latency test.
According to the help text this will take 15 minutes by default if no special parameter is passed, but the command is running for over an hour now and there are no outputs anymore after "fpu_stress OK"

Is this the normal behavior of xeno-test?
Will it only exit if like an error happens or something?

Best regards

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Betreff: Re: Error on running xeno-test

On 22.04.20 11:26, Jona Ostermann via Xenomai wrote:
> Hello,
> I am currenty testing my Xenomai Cobalt v3.1 installation on Debian 9 with kernel version 4.9.146.
> When running xeno-test, I get the following output:
> ++ echo 0
> ++ testdir=/usr/xenomai/bin
> ++ /usr/xenomai/bin/smokey --run random_alloc_rounds=64 
> ++ pattern_check_rounds=64
> arith OK
> bufp OK
> cpu_affinity skipped (no kernel support) fpu_stress OK FAILURE 
> handle_sigchld:78: gdb execution returned 3 instead of 0 - No such 
> proce                                      ss child 880 returned: 
> exited with status 1
> what could cause this error?

Do you have gdb installed on the target? If that should be the error, we likely need to improve on reporting it.


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