Running Xenomai2 binaries on Xenomai3

Drew pythondrew at
Fri Dec 11 17:22:55 CET 2020

We have a Xenomai2 based project that is being shifted to Xenomai3. It used
the native skin. (Beaglebone black, crusty 3.8.13-xenomai kernel)

I created a tiny file that allows me to run my unmodified
xenomai2 binary images on xenomai3.. I also added a symlink called that seems to work if pointed at any used xenomai shared
object. (those are the two shared libraries the old binaries look for.)
I put them in /usr/lib where our old binaries look for them. My libnative
looks for the other libs in their new location by building using --rpath.

I just built the library to load in alchemy, cobalt, copperplate, and
modechk when I linked my library. Our binaries find the needed methods via
this libnative, and seem to be running fine.

Well, they find *most* of the calls. Four of them were "static inline" in
.h files, so I just called the inline functions, wrapped with a different
name to avoid a redefinition at compile time. Then I used objcopy to rename
the exported functions so they are the same as the static inline function
names that disappeared in the new API.

Why would I want to do this? I have software in the field that will
download and try to run the xenomai2 binaries. I don't want that to break..
I do want it to work transparently. My question, I guess, is.. well.. pick
one or more response, or write your own.

* Good lord, that's a terrible idea because <awful thing> will happen!
* Good lord, that's a brilliant idea! why didn't we do that in Xenomai3? Ok
if we use it? <why sure!>
* I'm glad it seems to work for you, but we really couldn't do that in
general because <totally valid reason why.>
* This is already supported in Xenomai3. you haven't read the docs, have
you? To do this you only needed to <link to doc I didn't see>.
* This idea isn't new. You haven't been up to date on the mailing list,
have you? <link to someone else already doing/trying/having issues with

My main worry *was* that Xenomai2 defined structures of one size (which the
old binaries allocate) but the new xenomai made those structures bigger and
now memory is being trashed. (not badly enough to cause trouble
immediately, though.)

I took a closer look at the sizeof the structs we used, just to make sure
the sizes aren't a problem. What I found was one (the mutex) was reduced in
size from 2->3..(was:12 bytes. is now: 4 bytes) The other things (cond,
pipe, rtime, task) used the same amount of memory in 2 and 3.. so, it seems
there is no issue there.

Happy holidays! Stay safe!


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