[DOVETAIL] now tracking v5.10

chensong chensong at tj.kylinos.cn
Tue Dec 29 02:42:13 CET 2020

Dear Philippe & Hongzhan,

I was trying to build xenomai3.2 and boot it in my desktop, here is what 
i did:

1, git clone -b dovetail/master git://git.evlproject.org/linux.evl.git
2, git clone -b hongzhan/dovetail 
3, ./xenomai-hongzhan/scripts/prepare-kernel.sh --linux=linux-evl 
4, make

I found there are a lot of ipipe_xxx function calls in xenomai code like 
ipipe_post_irq_root or IPIPE_NR_IRQS, which cause building failed.

As my understanding, dovetail is the replacement of ipipe, as a result, 
ipipe function calls should be replaced by dovetail function calls. Did 
i miss something or did something wrong?



On 2020年12月20日 18:54, Philippe Gerum via Xenomai wrote:
> This is a heads up for people working on the Xenomai port to Dovetail:
> dovetail/master and evl/master are now tracking v5.10.
> The former dovetail/master tip based on v5.9 is tagged as
> "dovetail-v5.9" in the repository [1]. The final tag for the EVL core
> based on v5.9 is "v5.9-evl5".
> [1] git://git.evlproject.org/linux-evl.git

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