Receiving "Operation Not Permitted" when setting RTCAN_RTIOC_RCV_TIMEOUT and reading from CAN over cobalt pthread

Meng, Fino fino.meng at
Thu Jul 2 04:40:09 CEST 2020

Maybe it's due to RT group scheduling, would u try this:

sysctl -w kernel.sched_rt_runtime_us=-1
echo $$ > /sys/fs/cgroup/cpu/cgroup.procs
        We recommend to turn off Real-Time group scheduling in the
        kernel when using systemd. RT group scheduling effectively
        makes RT scheduling unavailable for most userspace, since it
        requires explicit assignment of RT budgets to each unit whose
        processes making use of RT. As there's no sensible way to
        assign these budgets automatically this cannot really be
        fixed, and it's best to disable group scheduling hence.

BR / Fino (孟祥夫)
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>Sent: Wednesday, July 1, 2020 10:56 PM
>So a quick update, I was able to get the CAN drivers working, the issue as was suggested is that Linux did not register the
>interrupts for the Zynq, and I had to make a fake "generic-uio" module in the device tree to receive a valid IRQ number, and
>now the CAN core registers properly.
>Now, I'm trying to create an application using the POSIX skin, based on the rtcanrecv.c example.  Rather than using
>rt_task_shadow, I'm using pthread_create.  My Makefile uses xeno-config with --skin=posix and sets --cflags and --ldflags, while
>wrap-link uses the POSIX ldflags. We are using libcobalt.
>When I don't set the timeout IOCTL, my application runs, but it blocks indefinitely until messages are received, however when I
>set the IOCTL (0.1 sec) ret = ioctl(can_fd, RTCAN_RTIOC_RCV_TIMEOUT, &timeout); then make the read in my pthread
>ret = recvfrom(can_fd, (void *)&can_msg_frame, sizeof(can_frame_t), 0,
>                                  (struct sockaddr *)&can_address, &address_length);
>I receive -EPERM rather than -ETIMEDOUT as a return.  The application is run as root, and works normally unless the TIMEOUT
>ioctl above is triggered;  thoughts on where to look?
>Here are the lines of interest for the Makefile:
>CFLAGS := $(shell $(DESTDIR)$(XENO_DIR)/$(XENO_CONFIG) --skin=posix --cflags) LDFLAGS := $(shell
>$(DESTDIR)$(XENO_DIR)/$(XENO_CONFIG) --skin=posix --ldflags)
>$(CC) -c  $(PROGNAME).c $(CFLAGS)
>My guess is if I make the application run as an rt_task it would work.
>Are there any special parameters needed to be set for pthread_create in order to run in RT mode?
>Josh Karch

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