xenomai 3.1/ipipe-core-4.19.128-cip28-arm-10.patch

Robert Berger xenomai.list at gmail.com
Wed Jul 8 00:57:43 CEST 2020


I just had a chat on the Yocto IRC and they claim, that I should not 
rebuild glibc against different kernel headers. That's yet another no no ;)

Which version of glibc do you use?

I have version 2.31.

01:38:11) RP: RobertBerger: one llbc can be run against multiple kernels 
and multiple kernel versions
(01:39:26) rber at freenode: Yep, but I thought it's built against a kernel 
version/some number of syscalls and you can upgrade the kernel 
underneath, but not downgrade
(01:40:26) rber at freenode: If you downgrade the kernel potentially 
syscalls are being called which are not available in the old kernel.
(01:41:27) RP: RobertBerger: that isn't how it works
(01:41:42) rber at freenode: Ah OK ;)
(01:41:50) rber at freenode: So you say it's a runtime thing?
(01:42:46) RP: RobertBerger: the libc adapts to the kernel version its 
running against. That kernel is in the range of "latest linux kernel 
when the libc was released" to OLDEST_KERNEL
(01:43:07) rber at freenode: OK



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