[BUG] copperlate/eventobj.c ->>> eventobj_inquire(), don't work

Caffreyfans Caffreyfans at 163.com
Fri Jul 10 08:04:25 CEST 2020

Hi sir,

     I'm trying to make another skin for xenomai.  When I do something 
about "event". I use `eventobj_inquire()` to get event flags. But no 
matter what value I post, I always get 0.

     I find that eventobj_inquire() is not working. I know 
`alchemy/event` also use `eventobj`. So I write a test code by using 
alchemy skin. I am curious whether it is my own problem or there is an 
error in xenomai.

Test code:


     struct RT_EVENT event;

     struct RT_EVENT_INFO info;

     ret = rt_event_create(&event, "EVENT", 0, EV_FIFO);

     rt_event_signal(&event, 0x2);

     rt_event_inquire(&event, &info);

     printf("info.value = %d\n", info.value);

     printf("info.name = %s\n", info.name);

     printf("info.nwaiters = %d\n", info.nwaiters);




     info.value = 0

     info.name = "EVENT"

     info.nwaiters = 0



       xenomai-3.1、Linux-4.19.114、--core cobalt.

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