FW: Xenomai with isolcpus and workqueue task

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> > Hi all!
> >
> > I am using Xenomai 3.1 with 4.19.124 I-pipe patchon a smp motherboard.
> > For my RT task I allocate few CPU cores with isolcpus option. However,
> > large latency spikes are noticed due to igb watchdog activities (I am
> > using common igb driver, not rt_igb).
> >
> > Looking into igb sources, it was understood that workqueue is used for
> > some tasks (afaiu, it is used to link status
> > monitoring)
> >
> > from igb_main.c
> > ...
> >    INIT_WORK(&adapter->reset_task, igb_reset_task);
> >    INIT_WORK(&adapter->watchdog_task, igb_watchdog_task); ...
> >
> > The Linux kernel scheduler runs this igb activities on isolated CPUs
> > disregarding isolcpus option, ruining real-time system behavior.
> isolcpus does not mean the CPUs aren't used, it means they are excluded
> from the normal CPU scheduler. No process will automatically be moved
> from/to isolated CPUs, but you still need to make sure to free them of any
> tasks.
> Irq-handlers still run anywhere, and processes still can allow those CPUs to
> be used.
> > So the question, is it a correct way to use normal igb on Xenomai at
> > all or it is not recommended? What can be done to prohibit Linux
> > scheduler to allocate those tasks on isolated cores?
> I use the normal igb and rt_igb concurrently, I doubt it is recommended but
> possible ;)
> You should add irqaffinity=0 to the cmdline (CPU0 is apparently always used
> for irqs), then check 'cat /proc/irq/*/smp_affinity'. This keeps the other
> CPUs free from linux IRQs.
> You can use some measures to bind Linux tasks to CPU0 aswell. One of:
> -   isolcpus (sets default affinity mask aswell)
> -   set affinity early (like in Ramdisk)
> -   Use cgroups (cset-shield)
> Only cgroups actually prohibit processes ignoring your defaults and using
> other CPUs, I did not get around playing with this, and just use isolcpus.
> But the most important part is to dont run RT on cores dealing with Linux
> interrupts, some handlers/drivers don’t expects being preempted, had the
> MMC driver bail because of a timeout.
> I haven’t solved moving the rtnet-stack, rtnet-rpc off CPU0, and the rt_igb
> IRQs will use all CPUs.
> Norbert

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