ERROR: "__ipipe_dispatch_irq" [drivers/gpio/gpio-zynq.ko] undefined!

Josh Karch jkarch at
Wed Jul 15 22:29:40 CEST 2020

This is a separate issue that goes along with the issues with gpio-xilinx.  The gpio-zynq driver is a stock driver with the standard I-Pipe patch, however I am receiving an error that __ipipe_dispatch_irq is undefined. Thanks to Greg, I was able to confirm that core.c has this function.
However, In core.c, I noticed that EXPORT_SYMBOL_GPL was not applied to __ipipe_dispatch_irq.  Modifying core.c to include this function enabled the module to load, however my system still locks up on an ISR when the GPIO triggers an IRQ, so the GPIO interrupt handler is still not working on the gpio-xilinx made by Xilinx.

Josh Karch

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