malloc and stl container

Jan Holtz jan5697 at
Mon Jul 20 07:05:15 CEST 2020

   i am using xenomai 3.0 on a cobalt x64 smp system with the alchemy
   As far i know dynamic memory allocation can cause a context switch,
   which should be preventet.
   If i am right,malloc should not cause a CSW anymore at this xenomai
   If malloc don't cause a CSW,  in which case the alchemy heap management
   services is suggested to use instead for dynamic memory allocation?
   I like to use stl containers like vector, etc.
   Is there a way to use this containers wthout adding values to
   containers seems to cause a CSW.
   Can it work/wrapped with heap management services ?
   Hope you can help me to understand.
   Regards Jan

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