Migrate project from Debian 8 Xenomai 2.x to Debain 9 Xenomai 3.x

Carsten EHRMANN Carsten.Ehrmann at diehl.com
Tue Mar 3 13:02:38 CET 2020

Hi Jan,

I don't have one of the files

- /usr/src/linux-4.9.146/include/config/xeno/drivers/rtipc/xddp.h

- /lib/modules/4.9.146/kernel/drivers/xenomai /ipc/xeno_rtipc.ko

Where do I get them? Do they have to be installed when building the kernel?


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Sent: Tuesday, March 3, 2020 11:52 AM
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Subject: Re: Migrate project from Debian 8 Xenomai 2.x to Debain 9 Xenomai 3.x

On 03.03.20 11:44, Carsten EHRMANN wrote:
> Hi Jan,
> after a few try and error I got the code compiled. When I try to start 
> the executable I got the following error from rt_pipe_create(): -97
> I use the function as follow: 
> if(rt_pipe_create(&mControlPipe,aControlPipeName,P_MINOR_AUTO,2048) >= 
> 0)
> In the logfile there is no error from the kernel. Latency, Clock and Switch test have been ok.
> Do you know what this mean? I haven't found anything .

EAFNOSUPPORT - seems your kernel lacks support for the pipe or some module is missing. Make sure you have XENO_DRIVERS_RTIPC_XDDP and the xeno_rtipc.ko is loaded (if it's a module).


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