GPIO interrupt not working on Zynq7000

Fran├žois Legal devel at
Wed Mar 4 10:00:37 CET 2020


trying to diagnose an interrupt problem on a Zynq 7000 hardware. The environment is linux 4.4.189, xenomai 3.0.9.

I'm trying to trig some realtime thread pending on a gpio read.

At the beginning, the system would freeze if the GPIO pin was toggled, because the GPIO int pending status was never cleared by the existing code.
So now I don't get the system freeze anymore, however, the RTDM gpio  irq handler never gets called whenever the interrupt is raised.

I'm not sure how to diagnose that. For what I could see, the IRQ is registered in ipipe domain "xnsched_realtime_domain", and I'm not sure if that matches "ipipe_head_domain" that is used in the __ipipe_dispatch_irq

Any help appreciated


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