Assigning Interrupt Handlers

Frey, Fred (ext ???) f.frey at
Fri Sep 4 22:49:23 CEST 2020

Hello all,

I'd like some guidance on the topic of setting up interrupt handlers to work with Xenomai.

Platform: Debian Buster on AM335x Arm (Beaglebone Black)
Xenomai version: 3.0.10
`uname -r` : 4.14.108-ti-xenomai-r135

Specifically, I'd like to set up a function to run every time the PRU generates an interrupt that I've defined.
I'm a little confused on what functionality is actually provided here. Reading the docs I easily can find the 'rtdm_irq_request()' function which looks like exactly what I need.
However, when looking through the header files I have, I can't find any mention of this function. Looking through some old mailing list posts, I gathered that this function was
actually only callable from the kernel context. So I guess my question is three-fold:

  1.  Is it possible for me to register an interrupt handler from userspace?
  2.  If not, is the prescribed method of doing this to write a device driver?
  3.  If I have to write a device driver for the PRU, would my  interrupt handler have to live inside of my device driver, or would I be able to register

a function inside of my client program to be an interrupt handler?

Thanks  in advance,

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