RTnet plan to support qdisc, zero copy, XDP?

Peter Wong tsnuser at outlook.com
Thu Sep 10 08:34:43 CEST 2020

The plan is to have new xenomai socket API for send RT traffic to xenomai core network stack -> then to linux driver?

There is switching overhead between cobalt and linux ?
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Subject: Re: RTnet plan to support qdisc, zero copy, XDP?

On 07.09.20 03:45, Peter Wong via Xenomai wrote:
> Is there any plan for support qdisc, zero copy, XDP in RTnet?

Plans aren't concrete yet, but renovation (or replacement) of RTnet is
needed, specifically to support TSN. Ideally, we do that with maximum
reuse of kernel infrastructure, "just" adding the fast-path access from
an RT application. Or we look into reusing DPDK which is gaining TSN
support as well and has a Linux-free data path already.


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