Installing Xenomai Cobalt and Mercury in the same system

Per Oberg pero at
Mon Sep 14 21:06:40 CEST 2020

----- Den 14 sep 2020, på kl 20:20, xenomai xenomai at skrev:

> Hi,

> I wish to create two sets of packages for ALT Linux for libxenomai one
> for Cobalt and another for Mercury core.

> But, it seems this is hard to achieve, because sonames would be the same.

> Is there any suggestions how to achieve this properly?

Wow, this takes me back. 
Back when I was a student our sysadmins would use cmod so that they could have all versions of all possible software installed at the same time. This way different departments could tune what versions were available to their students and they could install new versions without anyone getting angry about breakage. (And if something broke because they changed the default one could easily go back by making a different pick )

The last contribution is well over 17 years old. Those were the days...

> Thanks,

Per Öberg 

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