RTDM read/write callback with parameters

Martin Haag haag at aim-online.com
Mon Sep 21 15:49:12 CEST 2020

Dear list members,

I am porting a Linux PCI character device driver to Xenomai 2.6.5.

I can not find a RTDM expression for the "parameters" argument of the 
struct file_operations read callback.

struct file_operations:
ssize_t aim_read(struct file* file, char __user *parameters, size_t 
parameterSize, loff_t* offset);

struct rtdm_operations:
ssize_t aim_rtdm_read(struct rtdm_dev_context *context, rtdm_user_info_t 
*user_info, void *buf, size_t nbyte)

Should I use IOCTL to implement read/write with parameters or is there a 
different way to get to this information.

Please let me know if I forgot to mention important details about my setup.


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