[PATCH 6/8] cobalt/timer: pipeline: abstract signal test of XNTSTOP

Philippe Gerum rpm at xenomai.org
Sat Jan 16 16:11:51 CET 2021

hongzha1 via Xenomai <xenomai at xenomai.org> writes:

> The I-pipe kind of internally "emulates" a shutdown+restart sequence
> automatically upon resuming a timer after the ONESHOT_STOPPED state, so
> we actually do not need XNTSTOP in this case. We should
> specifically abstract the single test of XNTSTOP when arming a
> timer, so that the Dovetail version does the right thing.
> We can leave XNTSTOP in the set/clear mask bits operations in either
> the I-pipe and Dovetail cases, this has zero overhead since other bits
> are being set/cleared in these operations anyway.

This change log is confusing: citing one of my past remarks it seems, it
explains how we should be abstracting XNTSTOP, but the patch actually
introduces it. Therefore we should explain _why_ we are introducing
XNTSTOP in the first place, then maybe retain the last paragraph only to
justify some details of the implementation.

The patch actually adds a way to force the timer management code to
reprogram the hardware on option, to make the real device controlled by
the proxy tick again as it leaves the ONESHOT_STOPPED mode. We should go
on saying that the I-pipe does not require any further action in this
case, leading to a nop (for this patch). Patch 7/10 would then implement
the Dovetail side, which does require the next tick to be force
programmed in the hardware as a result of leaving the ONESHOT_STOPPED


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