Xenomai Community Call Minutes - Janurary 27, 2021

Wang, Rick Y rick.y.wang at intel.com
Wed Jan 27 13:45:41 CET 2021


Philippe Gerum, Jan Kiszka (Siemens), Hongzhan Chen (Intel),
Fino Meng (Intel), Yipeng (intel), Bruce Bao (Intel), 
Florian Bezdeka (Siemens), Antoine Hoarau (Fuzzy Logic Robotics),
Chensong (kylin software), Xiaoyan Gong (Intel), Yanfeng Pu (Intel), 
Dao Zhang (Intel), Rick Wang (Intel) 


*Community update - Jan 
*Dovetail, CXP and EVL update - Philippe
*Customer feedback - Fino

*Community update

Xenomai porting to kernel 5.4 for ARM/ARM64 is coming soon.

*Dovetail, CXP and EVL update

Xenomai on Dovetail
- Several crashing issue are being fixed.
- Adding test tool from EVL to Xenomai. Extending latency test for GPIO.
- X86 code ready within several days.
- Then switch to ARM/ARM64 porting.
- PowerPC is not supported by Dovetail. Community can chime in as needed.
- Early delivery in Feb.

- The idea is to simplify the project
  Not provide more than what we can sustain, and
  Not provide no used features
- Still lack of feedback in community.

- Support POSIX on EVL core
- Plan to port RTDM to EVL
- Concern on drivers
- RT Network stack shall leverage as much the native stack rather than 
creating everything from the ground up.

*Customer feedback

Some PRC Xenomai customers feedback:
- Generally OK to port to POSIX API if no functionality and performance 
- Some customer is using Alchemy API "rt_task_*" since Xenomai 2. The 
customer is ok to port to POSIX API;
- RTDM drivers used for GPIO, SPI, Serial, PCIe Can card, IgH EtherCAT, etc. 

Next community call: Feb 10, 2021


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