[Dovetail] x86 test version available (kernel v5.10)

Philippe Gerum rpm at xenomai.org
Sun Jan 31 17:06:21 CET 2021

The initial port of the Cobalt core to Dovetail/x86 is available from
[1]. Ports to Dovetail/ARM and Dovetail/arm64 should follow within a
couple of weeks.

So far, latency and switchtest run flawlessly. Most of the smokey test
suite passes successfully, except the GDB test at the moment.

How to test this:

- clone Xenomai from [1], switch to branch for-upstream/dovetail
- clone the Dovetail tree (v5.10) from [2], switch to branch dovetail/master
- run scripts/prepare-kernel.sh available from [1] into [2] (usual procedure)
  for x86, that would be: .../scripts/prepare-kernel.sh --arch=x86
- build your kernel using the sources from [2]

There is no user-visible Kconfig change compared to an I-pipe based

Alternatively, the Xenomai code base in [1] can also run on top of the
I-pipe. prepare-kernel.sh detects which pipeline flavour is there, and
prepares the source tree accordingly.

This code is being gradually merged into Xenomai's -next branch, and
will be at the core of Xenomai 3.2. Testing and feedback appreciated.


[1] https://lab.xenomai.org/xenomai-rpm.git, "for-upstream/dovetail" branch
[2] https://git.evlproject.org/linux-evl.git, "dovetail/master" branch


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