x86 on dovetail: Stress-ng gets my system down

Bezdeka, Florian florian.bezdeka at siemens.com
Mon May 3 11:45:52 CEST 2021


while trying to debug one of the Xenomai 3.2 issues listed at [1] I run
into the situation described below on my x86 system. The problem (or at
least the "system hang" is reproducible on real hardware and on

Once the system is frozen, attaching GDB to the qemu process shows me:

(gdb) info threads
  Id   Target Id                  Frame 
* 1    Thread 1 (CPU#0 [running]) csd_lock_wait (csd=0xffff88803e92ea00) at kernel/smp.c:228
  2    Thread 2 (CPU#1 [running]) 0x0000564f0b05d36d in ?? ()
  3    Thread 3 (CPU#2 [running]) csd_lock_wait (csd=0xffff88803e82f1e0) at kernel/smp.c:228
  4    Thread 4 (CPU#3 [running]) csd_lock_wait (csd=0xffff88803e82f200) at kernel/smp.c:228

So three of my CPUs are waiting for other CPUs to complete a function
call IPI. It looks like CPU1 is not responding anymore. The system is
completely unusable at this point.

(gdb) bt
#0  csd_lock_wait (csd=0xffff88803e92ea00) at kernel/smp.c:228
#1  smp_call_function_many_cond (mask=mask at entry=0xffff88800448c340, func=func at entry=0xffffffff81055bb0 <flush_tlb_func_remote>, info=info at entry=0xffffffff8200acc0 <full_flush_tlb_info>, wait=wait at entry=true, 
    cond_func=cond_func at entry=0xffffffff810550b0 <tlb_is_not_lazy>) at kernel/smp.c:693
#2  0xffffffff810f56f5 in on_each_cpu_cond_mask (cond_func=cond_func at entry=0xffffffff810550b0 <tlb_is_not_lazy>, func=func at entry=0xffffffff81055bb0 <flush_tlb_func_remote>, info=info at entry=0xffffffff8200acc0 <full_flush_tlb_info>, wait=wait at entry=true, 
    mask=mask at entry=0xffff88800448c340) at kernel/smp.c:904
#3  0xffffffff81055538 in native_flush_tlb_others (cpumask=cpumask at entry=0xffff88800448c340, info=info at entry=0xffffffff8200acc0 <full_flush_tlb_info>) at arch/x86/mm/tlb.c:840
#4  0xffffffff81055fac in flush_tlb_others (info=0xffffffff8200acc0 <full_flush_tlb_info>, cpumask=0xffff88800448c340) at arch/x86/mm/tlb.c:1170
#5  arch_tlbbatch_flush (batch=batch at entry=0xffff88800448c340) at arch/x86/mm/tlb.c:1170
#6  0xffffffff811ae3e1 in try_to_unmap_flush () at mm/rmap.c:602
#7  0xffffffff8117d9d3 in shrink_page_list (page_list=page_list at entry=0xffffc9000306f910, pgdat=pgdat at entry=0xffff88803ffdb000, sc=sc at entry=0xffffc9000306fb18, stat=stat at entry=0xffffc9000306f924, ignore_references=ignore_references at entry=false) at mm/vmscan.c:1487
#8  0xffffffff8117f79c in shrink_inactive_list (nr_to_scan=<optimized out>, lruvec=lruvec at entry=0xffff88803ffde508, sc=sc at entry=0xffffc9000306fb18, lru=lru at entry=LRU_INACTIVE_FILE) at mm/vmscan.c:1962
#9  0xffffffff811800dc in shrink_list (sc=0xffffc9000306fb18, lruvec=0xffff88803ffde508, nr_to_scan=<optimized out>, lru=<optimized out>) at mm/vmscan.c:2169
#10 shrink_lruvec (lruvec=lruvec at entry=0xffff88803ffde508, sc=sc at entry=0xffffc9000306fb18) at mm/vmscan.c:2464
#11 0xffffffff81180374 in shrink_node_memcgs (sc=0xffffc9000306fb18, pgdat=0xffff88803ffdb000) at mm/vmscan.c:2652
#12 shrink_node (pgdat=pgdat at entry=0xffff88803ffdb000, sc=sc at entry=0xffffc9000306fb18) at mm/vmscan.c:2769
#13 0xffffffff811806c8 in shrink_zones (sc=0xffffc9000306fb18, zonelist=0xffff88803ffdc400) at mm/vmscan.c:2972
#14 do_try_to_free_pages (zonelist=zonelist at entry=0xffff88803ffdc400, sc=sc at entry=0xffffc9000306fb18) at mm/vmscan.c:3027
#15 0xffffffff811817f6 in try_to_free_pages (zonelist=0xffff88803ffdc400, order=order at entry=1, gfp_mask=gfp_mask at entry=4197824, nodemask=<optimized out>) at mm/vmscan.c:3266
#16 0xffffffff811ba411 in __perform_reclaim (ac=0xffffc9000306fc90, ac=0xffffc9000306fc90, order=1, gfp_mask=4197824) at mm/page_alloc.c:4335
#17 __alloc_pages_direct_reclaim (did_some_progress=<synthetic pointer>, ac=0xffffc9000306fc90, alloc_flags=2112, order=1, gfp_mask=4197824) at mm/page_alloc.c:4356
#18 __alloc_pages_slowpath (gfp_mask=<optimized out>, gfp_mask at entry=4197824, order=order at entry=1, ac=ac at entry=0xffffc9000306fc90) at mm/page_alloc.c:4760
#19 0xffffffff811baf44 in __alloc_pages_nodemask (gfp_mask=<optimized out>, gfp_mask at entry=4197824, order=order at entry=1, preferred_nid=<optimized out>, nodemask=0x0 <fixed_percpu_data>) at mm/page_alloc.c:4970
#20 0xffffffff811ce039 in alloc_pages_current (gfp=gfp at entry=4197824, order=order at entry=1) at ./include/linux/topology.h:88
#21 0xffffffff811b6248 in alloc_pages (order=order at entry=1, gfp_mask=4197824) at ./include/linux/gfp.h:547
#22 __get_free_pages (gfp_mask=gfp_mask at entry=4197824, order=order at entry=1) at mm/page_alloc.c:4994
#23 0xffffffff8105482c in _pgd_alloc () at arch/x86/mm/pgtable.c:430
#24 pgd_alloc (mm=mm at entry=0xffff88800315e400) at arch/x86/mm/pgtable.c:430
#25 0xffffffff8105efae in mm_alloc_pgd (mm=0xffff88800315e400) at kernel/fork.c:1054
#26 mm_init (mm=mm at entry=0xffff88800315e400, user_ns=<optimized out>, p=0xffff888002bbc880) at kernel/fork.c:1054
#27 0xffffffff8105f624 in dup_mm (oldmm=0xffff888004efa800, tsk=0xffff888002bbc880) at kernel/fork.c:1369
#28 0xffffffff810616a5 in copy_mm (tsk=0xffff888002bbc880, clone_flags=0) at ./arch/x86/include/asm/current.h:15
#29 copy_process (pid=pid at entry=0x0 <fixed_percpu_data>, trace=trace at entry=0, node=node at entry=-1, args=args at entry=0xffffc9000306fed0) at kernel/fork.c:2110
#30 0xffffffff81061934 in kernel_clone (args=args at entry=0xffffc9000306fed0) at kernel/fork.c:2471
#31 0xffffffff81061c8f in __do_sys_fork (__unused=<optimized out>) at kernel/fork.c:2534
#32 0xffffffff81b41693 in do_syscall_64 (nr=<optimized out>, regs=0xffffc9000306ff58) at arch/x86/entry/common.c:55
#33 0xffffffff81c0007c in entry_SYSCALL_64 () at arch/x86/entry/entry_64.S:120
#34 0x00000000000526aa in ?? ()
#35 0x0000564f0b0bc2b0 in ?? ()
#36 0x0000000000000001 in fixed_percpu_data ()
#37 0x00007ffe0ee549f0 in ?? ()
#38 0x0000564f0b657260 in ?? ()
#39 0x0000000000000000 in ?? ()

Kernel-Config: Attached. It's a x86_64 defconfig with the following
 - CONFIG_XENOMAI disabled
 - CONFIG_DEBUG_INFO enabled (to be able to debug)
 - CONFIG_GDB_SCRIPTS enabled (debugging...)

I disabled Xenomai and Dovetail to limit the search scope. The problem
remains reproducible without them.

Stressing the system with stress-ng. After 45 to 60 minutes the system
is frozen.
cmdline: stress-ng --cpu 4 --io 2 --vm 2 --vm-bytes 128M --fork 4 --timeout 0

IRQ flag:
All CPUs (or gdb threads) waiting at kernel/smp.c:228 have the IF flag
(part of eflag register) unset, while other CPUs have it set:

(gdb) info register
eflags         0x2                 [ ]


eflags         0x202               [ IF ]

smp_call_function_many_cond() has some notes about deadlocks that might
appear when being called with IRQs disabled, but I actually never saw
one of the warnings that should come up. As IF flag is unset, someone
has to turn off IRQs later (while waiting) and that might be the reason
for the deadlock.

Ideas / feedback / advice welcome. Thanks!

Best regards,

[1] https://gitlab.com/Xenomai/xenomai-hacker-space/-/issues/16
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