Xenomai Community Call Minutes - May 5, 2021

Wang, Rick Y rick.y.wang at intel.com
Wed May 5 11:01:46 CEST 2021


Philippe Gerum, Jan Kiszka, Florian Bezdeka, Florent Pirou, Rick Wang

- Propose to find alternative tool to Teams for the community call if 
possible. The requirements are web browser support, company env compliance 
and geo friendly. 

*Community update

- Issue tracker https://gitlab.com/Xenomai/xenomai-hacker-space/-/issues
  Xenomai 3.2 tagged issues:
  #18 Integrate wip/dovetail changes into mainline - Philippe just pushed
  70 patches which including support to 5.10 kernel and Dovetail porting. 
  #17 Smokey gdb test fails over dovetail - Hongzhan has submitted a patch
  to work around the issue. The root cause could be more deeper and Philippe
  will further investigate.
  #16 Handling clocksource switch more gracefully - Philippe will prioritize
  to check this issue. Florian will share the image to help Philippe to 

- Latmus patches from Hongzhan was merged for Xenomai 3.2.  
  Latmus will coexist with Latency at the moment to extend timer latency
  with GPIO latency. Long term wise a new Latmus latency test tool shall
  integrate timer and I/O latency together. The current latency tool will
  retire after that. The new tool will be modular designed with multiple
  plugins to support different features, e.g. PCIe latency on x86.

- Xenomai 4 
  Philippe is working on network stack. Plan to open development soon.
  The main issue is how to share documents between Xenomai 3 and 4.


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